Streaming Service

We now have available a streaming service that allows users to export data from Targetprocess via APIv2 read calls, without paging and without impacting the overall performance.

This will allow to seamlessly transfer data between Targetprocess and other tools, such as Datalink and PowerBI, where the data must be importable from Targetprocess in a single HTTP query (as those tools do not support paging).

When creating an APIv2 request to get a stream of Targetprocess data, a specified format would be used: https://your_account_name/svc/tp-apiv2-streaming-service/docs/index.html

In general, the resulting API call may look like this: https://YourAccountLink/svc/tp-apiv2-streaming-service/stream/bugs?select=%7Bid,name%7D&access_token=AccessTokenGeneratedFromUserProfile

More details are available here.