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Missing documentation: What does the custom unit parameter "segments" do?

Posted by Christian Peters 11 months ago


I want to add a custom variant of the name field to my cards.
I figured out I had to add segments: 1 to the config so that it behaves like the other name fields.

Can you explain the concept of segments?

Also I had to hack the class ' tau-board-unit_format_max' into the classId field so I can add my variant to a M sized card. This is my config:

            id: 'name_unobtrusive',
            classId: 'tau-board-unit_type_name-unobtrusive tau-board-unit_format_max',
            name: 'Name (unobtrusive)',
            types: [ types.STORY, types.TASK, types.BUG, types.REQUEST ],
            sizes: [ sizes.XS, sizes.S, sizes.M, sizes.L, sizes.XL, sizes.List ],
            template: {
              '<% if( { %>',
                '<div class="tau-board-unit__value">',
                    '<%= %>',
              '<% } %>'
            model: 'name:Name',
            sampleData: { name: 'Kunden, Callcenter-Agenten und Admins drucken Rechnungen' },
            segments: 1


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