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Conditionally disable editing on some fields for entities for a role

Posted by Fraser Reed 7 months ago


I am trying to disable certain edit actions on specific entities for a specific role, while allowing other edit actions for the same role. I have tried to get this working with a Mashup but haven't been successful.

The scenario I am trying to support is:

Role Permissions:

|| Entity || Add || Edit || Delete ||
| User Story | No | Yes | No |
| Bug | No | Yes | No |
| Request | Yes | Yes | Yes |

A user with this role should be able to create or edit anything on a "Request" entity (which works fine).

A user with this role should only be able to add comments and change the state of User Stories or Bugs - they should not be able to edit the description, change assignees, or edit any of the custom fields.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to do this?

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