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Control what tickets are shown in timesheets

Staff at my company are constantly having issues with not being able to find tasks they have worked on in the timesheets. One of the main reasons is that they are not assigned to the ticket however they may have commented on the ticket and therefore done work on it but it does not show in their timesheets.

I came across the following on one of your help pages:

`##When an entity appears in a Time Sheet?

Time Tracking practice is enabled for a Process your Project follows
AND the item is assigned to the Project or the Team you're a member of
AND at least one of the following is true:
You have posted time to this item this week OR
The item is assigned to you AND
The item belongs to a current sprint (Iteration)

If an item does not belong to Iteration or Team Iteration - the work on the item is in progress. When the state is entity is Initial/New/Open, or Planned, or Final/Done/Closed the item will be hidden from the Time Sheet.
(for REQUESTS only) the item was closed during this week`

Is there anyway of customising this so it will show tickets that have been commented on?