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Querying and updating Assignable substates

We are using SubEntityStates in our workflow that looks something like this (substates in brackets):

Backlog -> Ready -> Development [In Dev -> Code Review -> Dev Done] -> Testing [...] -> Done [Accepted, LIVE, ...]

I'm building internal integration that uses the targetprocess REST API v1 to (among other things) query and update entity states. I can already achieve these for the parent states, but I can't find the current substate of an Assignable in the API response and trying to update the EntityState to a substate returns with an error.

For example, I have a UserStory that shows on the web interface to be in "In Dev" state, but the EntityState returned by the API is "Development" (the parent state). When I try to update EntityState to "Code Review" this is what I get:

POST /Assignable/60091 {"EntityState": {"Id": 2961}}
  "Status": "BadRequest",
  "Message": "Invalid entity state 'Code Review' for UserStory.",
  "Type": "Presentational",
  "Details": {
    "Items": [
        "Type": "BrokenRule",
        "FieldPath": {
          "EntityKind": "UserStory",
          "Column": "EntityState"
        "Message": {
          "Token": "Invalid entity state '{entityStateName}' for {entityKind}.",
          "Data": {
            "entityStateName": "Code Review",
            "entityKind": "UserStory"
          "Value": "Invalid entity state 'Code Review' for UserStory."
        "Details": null,
        "Resolution": null
  "ErrorId": "067dd05f-9adf-42db-94e6-d999bdd90cc0"

Am I missing something or is this not supported by the current APIs?