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Field value does not get updated via REST API although TargetProcess replies with "200 OK".

I'm trying to update a single custom field of an artifact in TargetProcess via REST API.
From the documentation I understand, I can use a POST on the respective artifact (URL for the POST: <TargetProcess_URL>/api/v2/Requests/<request_ID>) and provide the new value through the body of the request:
CustomFields: [
Name: "Flag",
Value: true
where Flag is the name of the custom field to be update (in this case of type Boolean).
Sending this request results in a "200 OK" response which I would expect to indicate a successful operation.
However, the field did not get updated.
I also tested a variety of flavors for the body (e.g. enclosing "Name", "Value" and true also in quotes or adding another parameter "customValues" to the body - as I have seen this in the response body of a GET request). Whatever I tried resulted in "200 OK" without the field being updated.
I could even update "Name" in the above body to "Nome" and TargetProcess does still return "200 OK".
Only if I change "Name" to "Na me" I get a "500 Internal Server Error".
This is a very confusing behavior of the API.
Is anyone able to explain this behavior?
And - more important - can anyone tell me how the URL / body needs to look like to update such a custom field?
Thx in advance for any help.