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Can milestone date we accessed programatically

![](https://files.readme.io/579dd08-image.png) Hi, can I access milestone month programmatically, can you suggest how to solve this

Group By TAGS

Hi Am trying to create a custom features report where I will like to GROUP BY specific chosen Tags. So fore.g a feature are currently tagged by different geographies, tech, business units. When I group, I will only like for e.g to do so my geographies in my report. How do I do that , I tried exploring formulas (TagObjects.Select(Name)) however struggling to enable it. Will appreciate if you can help me with specific formula or different approach

Is it possible to add images to Dashboards?

I would like to be able to add Images to Dashboards to share information with users and also make Dashboards more visually appealing.


Is there a way to get a custom report by id via api? https\://**\*\***.tpondemand.com/TpReports/ViewCustomReport.aspx?CustomReportID=34, for example

TP Integration to Jira SAFe Setup Question

What is suggested for the setup of Jira for the Agile Release Trains (ARTs)? Is it 1 ART to 1 Project in Jira or would you recommend 1 Team to 1 Project?

Quick Add field removal when grayed out

can a grayed out field in Quick Add be hidden or removed?


For this api call i am getting the json data but i am not able to get the assignable userid , hours spent , full Name and sap project no . Can you help me to fetch those based on this Api call .This is the data which i am getting . \[{"resourceType":"Time","id":483147},{"resourceType":"Time","id":483146},{"resourceType":"Time","id":483145},{"resourceType":"Time","id":483144},{"resourceType":"Time","id":483143}

Attachment Upload With File Name "Präsentationen_Projekt_X"

I am using the RestSharpExample provided on github I have a filename "Präsentationen_Projekt_X" when I try to upload it the filename on target process becomes "=?utf-8?B?UHL....." here is also the sample chunk of code ``` var client = new RestClient(uri); await file.CopyToAsync(memoryStream); var restRequest = new RestRequest(requestUri, Method.Post); restRequest.AddHeader("Content-Type", "multipart/form-data;charset=utf-8"); string encodedFileName = Uri.EscapeDataString(file.FileName); restRequest.AddFile("attachment", memoryStream.ToArray(), encodedFileName, file.ContentType); restRequest.AddParameter("generalId", Id); var response = client.Execute(restRequest); ```

Add task to user history with javas cript

I need to add "task" when a checkbox of the custom fields is clicked. Can it be done with javascript? thank you.

Pick the date of a particular state of an user story irrespective of current state

I want to report on which date user story was in In Progress irrespective of the current state How to fetch the date of In Progress of an user story. I can find the date manually from the history of the user story. Which formula to use in order to fetch the date in the report automatically