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I Get "401 - Unauthorized" when I try to access the REST API with an access token

I am trying to make a GET User Stories request using the endpoint https://{my company}.tpondemand.com/api/v1/UserStories/?access_token={my access token} but I always end up getting a "401-Unauthorized" reponse. I have already set a System User password, as described in this documentation : https://dev.targetprocess.com/docs/authentication

Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'

https://blah.tpondemand.com/api/v2/statusupdate?filter=?KeyResult is not None and Objective.StrategicTheme is not None and Objective.Strategy is not None&select={id,name,krname:KeyResult.name,krid:KeyResult.Id,krcommitted:KeyResultCommitted,krcurrent:KeyResultCurrent,krstatus:KeyResult.CurrentStatus,okr:Objective.Name,okrCorporateStrategy:Objective.Strategy.Name,okrstrategictheme:Objective.StrategicTheme.Name, createdate}&dateformat=iso&take=1000&skip={skip}&access_Token={} we are getting an error since 11/11/22. Looks like some breaking change was released. Errror Message { "Status": "BadRequest", "Message": "Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'.", "Type": "Presentational", "Details": { "Items": [ { "Type": "Simple", "Message": { "Token": "Property '{property}' does not exist in '{type}'.", "Data": { "property": "CurrentStatus", "type": "Assignable" }, "Value": "Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'." } } ] }, "ErrorId": "03351e2e-c6ce-4677-a13b-cac006a97a43" }

Get userstories with Custom Value

Hi, I need to call endpoint "v1/userstories " with CustomFields using where.

Checking for Release is Null in userstories API

I need to check on whether Release is empty (null) in the WHERE clause of a userstories API. I've done some reading and experimentation but haven't found anything that works yet. If it is possible to have this in the WHERE clause, I'd appreciate it if an example could be provided. Thank you.

I have a 500. error

Hi since today we can't used the api tp we have an error ff = f"{{Name:\"{p_name}\",Project:{project},Release:{release},AssignedTeams:[{tea}], Description: \"{text_description}\"}}" We use python 3.9 for information

POST time spent with API v1

I looked at API docs in https://dev.targetprocess.com/reference/bugs-post. It says to make a post with the Spent, Remain, Description, Role and Assignment. Which I did, but it didn't work. Making a request with http protocol it only list the latest time uploads. With HTTPS protocol it returns status code 500. I don't know if I'm missing something, but I can't make it work.

Requesting Effort and Effort-To-Do at certain project time from the API

Hey guys! I was wondering if there is a method of getting this data at a Iteration end date: Effort-To-Do, Effort-Completed, Project-Effort, Project-Effort-To-Do I cant seem to figure this out/wondering if there is something I have missed What would also be nice is getting data within each different business value at the timestamp too.

Field value does not get updated via REST API although TargetProcess replies with "200 OK".

Hi, I'm trying to update a single custom field of an artifact in TargetProcess via REST API. From the documentation I understand, I can use a POST on the respective artifact (URL for the POST: <TargetProcess_URL>/api/v2/Requests/<request_ID>) and provide the new value through the body of the request: { CustomFields: [ { Name: "Flag", Value: true } ] } where Flag is the name of the custom field to be update (in this case of type Boolean). Sending this request results in a "200 OK" response which I would expect to indicate a successful operation. However, the field did not get updated. I also tested a variety of flavors for the body (e.g. enclosing "Name", "Value" and true also in quotes or adding another parameter "customValues" to the body - as I have seen this in the response body of a GET request). Whatever I tried resulted in "200 OK" without the field being updated. I could even update "Name" in the above body to "Nome" and TargetProcess does still return "200 OK". Only if I change "Name" to "Na me" I get a "500 Internal Server Error". This is a very confusing behavior of the API. Is anyone able to explain this behavior? And - more important - can anyone tell me how the URL / body needs to look like to update such a custom field? Thx in advance for any help.

Basic Authentication Python

Hi, I want to connect to TP with a cloud datawarehouse to retrieve data from the API From the cloud data integration connection I insert the following fields for the initial authentication URL : http://my.tpondemand.com/ User : MyUser Pwd : MyPassword Root Path : Leave Balnk I have added the certificate from my.tpondemond.com and whitelisted the IP address by using the IP found after pinging mytpondemand.com I tested on my local PC with python to connect and it works when i use an access token https://my.tpondemand.com/api/v2/UserStories?format=json&access_token=xxxxxxxxxxhBQk1rRXNUNDZxS0NhbTBtK1pKaFFHV2M9 I also tested with success Excel connecting to web source https://my.tpondemand.com and giving the my username and password. What am I missing to connect my cloud data warehouse to TP via the API????

Add a "Team" to an "Agile Release Train" via JSON

I need to upload in bulk a lot of "Teams" to "Agile Release Trains" and therefore I would like to use a POST (I'm using Postman) request via JSON but I have difficulties writing the JSON code to add a "Team" as I suppose it's due to the fact it is an Array