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Combining GitHub integration with Azure DevOps integration

Hi, We are considering using the TP integration with GitHub and Azure DevOps. I've managed to connect the PR's from GitHub with TP this was simple. The next thing I'd like to do is to connect the stories and issues with the deployment pipeline so their statuses are automatically changed when the code deploys to the environments. What I'd like to do is to move the Story from one status to another after each of the deployments between different environments. So example. The code to related story has been merged in Github to the develop branch, at this stage I'd like to move the status from status1 to status2. When we merge the code then the build is starting in the Azure DevOps, once it's build the deployment to our QAT env is kicking off, after it's done I'd like it to trigger another change status: status2 to status3 Is it possible to achieve with the native integrations? How do I combine those two services?

Quick Add field removal when grayed out

can a grayed out field in Quick Add be hidden or removed?


For this api call i am getting the json data but i am not able to get the assignable userid , hours spent , full Name and sap project no . Can you help me to fetch those based on this Api call .This is the data which i am getting . \[{"resourceType":"Time","id":483147},{"resourceType":"Time","id":483146},{"resourceType":"Time","id":483145},{"resourceType":"Time","id":483144},{"resourceType":"Time","id":483143}

Attachment Upload With File Name "Präsentationen_Projekt_X"

I am using the RestSharpExample provided on github I have a filename "Präsentationen_Projekt_X" when I try to upload it the filename on target process becomes "=?utf-8?B?UHL....." here is also the sample chunk of code ``` var client = new RestClient(uri); await file.CopyToAsync(memoryStream); var restRequest = new RestRequest(requestUri, Method.Post); restRequest.AddHeader("Content-Type", "multipart/form-data;charset=utf-8"); string encodedFileName = Uri.EscapeDataString(file.FileName); restRequest.AddFile("attachment", memoryStream.ToArray(), encodedFileName, file.ContentType); restRequest.AddParameter("generalId", Id); var response = client.Execute(restRequest); ```

Add task to user history with javas cript

I need to add "task" when a checkbox of the custom fields is clicked. Can it be done with javascript? thank you.

Pick the date of a particular state of an user story irrespective of current state

I want to report on which date user story was in In Progress irrespective of the current state How to fetch the date of In Progress of an user story. I can find the date manually from the history of the user story. Which formula to use in order to fetch the date in the report automatically

Report - Cycle time between 2 states excluding weekends

In a report I want to calculate the cycle time between two states Difference between (Start date of In Progress and Start date of Item sent) excluding the weekends Please help, how can I do that

How can I convert Custom text field to Number field in report

I am using a custom text fields to put numbers and I want to add 2 custom fields data in order to get the summation of numbers (Free text field 1 + Free text field 2) or subtract (Free ext field 2- Free text field 1) - How can I convert the text field to number in the report formula

How to change the fontSize of the RoadMap

change the fontsize for the road map view of the users

Selective fetching of tags in reports

In a table view report - How can i fetch only those Tags which has 'Name:' in it and display the word(s) mentioned after 'Name:' in the tag