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How can I convert Custom text field to Number field in report

I am using a custom text fields to put numbers and I want to add 2 custom fields data in order to get the summation of numbers (Free text field 1 + Free text field 2) or subtract (Free ext field 2- Free text field 1) - How can I convert the text field to number in the report formula

How to change the fontSize of the RoadMap

change the fontsize for the road map view of the users

Selective fetching of tags in reports

In a table view report - How can i fetch only those Tags which has 'Name:' in it and display the word(s) mentioned after 'Name:' in the tag

Retrieve any UserStrories that doesnt have a developer assigned.

Hi would it be possible to make use of an automation rule to return a list of UserStories, that dont have a developer assigned.

Not able to Update TeamMembers

URL:https://.tpondemand.com/api/v1/TeamMembers data = { "User": {"Id": user_id}, "Team": {"Id": team_id} } I am sending this data to update the team members of the team, but its members are not updating.

I have a 500. error

Hi since today we can't used the api tp we have an error ff = f"{{Name:\"{p_name}\",Project:{project},Release:{release},AssignedTeams:[{tea}], Description: \"{text_description}\"}}" We use python 3.9 for information

Basic Authentication Python

Hi, I want to connect to TP with a cloud datawarehouse to retrieve data from the API From the cloud data integration connection I insert the following fields for the initial authentication URL : http://my.tpondemand.com/ User : MyUser Pwd : MyPassword Root Path : Leave Balnk I have added the certificate from my.tpondemond.com and whitelisted the IP address by using the IP found after pinging mytpondemand.com I tested on my local PC with python to connect and it works when i use an access token https://my.tpondemand.com/api/v2/UserStories?format=json&access_token=xxxxxxxxxxhBQk1rRXNUNDZxS0NhbTBtK1pKaFFHV2M9 I also tested with success Excel connecting to web source https://my.tpondemand.com and giving the my username and password. What am I missing to connect my cloud data warehouse to TP via the API????

Send Information to HelpDesk GUI

Is there a possibility to send data from de API to the Service Desk GUI? For example username password to login?

Control what tickets are shown in timesheets

Staff at my company are constantly having issues with not being able to find tasks they have worked on in the timesheets. One of the main reasons is that they are not assigned to the ticket however they may have commented on the ticket and therefore done work on it but it does not show in their timesheets. I came across the following on one of your help pages: `##When an entity appears in a Time Sheet? Time Tracking practice is enabled for a Process your Project follows AND the item is assigned to the Project or the Team you're a member of AND at least one of the following is true: You have posted time to this item this week OR The item is assigned to you AND The item belongs to a current sprint (Iteration) If an item does not belong to Iteration or Team Iteration - the work on the item is in progress. When the state is entity is Initial/New/Open, or Planned, or Final/Done/Closed the item will be hidden from the Time Sheet. (for REQUESTS only) the item was closed during this week` Is there anyway of customising this so it will show tickets that have been commented on?

Mashup? possible to add check box?

Good Day.. I believe I read somewhere the time sheet view is not 'really' customizable... We would like to add a check box in the header, in the timesheet view of TP to display on users that have "me" as manager (next to Tasks, User stories....) Would a mashup do this? Got any sample code? MIklo