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JSON Date Format

As you stated on https://dev.targetprocess.com/docs/response-formats Dates use the format "/Date(1198908717056+0300)/" Is there a "go-to" way to parse this to a JS Date?

Get count of releases per project

I'm trying to return all projects with at least one release and order them by the number of releases they have. I have tried the following request and other similar requests but I'm unable to get a successful response. http://tifgroup.tpondemand.com/api/v1/Projects/?include=[Name,Releases-Count]&where=(Releases-Count gt 0)&orderbydesc=Releases-Count The problem seems to occur when I try to filter or sort. Any suggestions?

Missing documentation: What does the custom unit parameter "segments" do?

Hi! I want to add a custom variant of the name field to my cards. I figured out I had to add segments: 1 to the config so that it behaves like the other name fields. Can you explain the concept of segments? Also I had to hack the class ' tau-board-unit_format_max' into the classId field so I can add my variant to a M sized card. This is my config: id: 'name_unobtrusive', classId: 'tau-board-unit_type_name-unobtrusive tau-board-unit_format_max', name: 'Name (unobtrusive)', types: [ types.STORY, types.TASK, types.BUG, types.REQUEST ], sizes: [ sizes.XS, sizes.S, sizes.M, sizes.L, sizes.XL, sizes.List ], template: { markup:[ '<% if(this.data.name) { %>', '<div class="tau-board-unit__value">', '<%= this.data.name %>', '</div>', '<% } %>' ]}, model: 'name:Name', sampleData: { name: 'Kunden, Callcenter-Agenten und Admins drucken Rechnungen' }, segments: 1 Thanks! Christian

Selecting based on a workflow state

I'm having trouble deciphering the documentation as it relates to selecting on a specific workflow state. Can you provide an example of how I might select all cards in a given workflow state?

Custom Field Constraints mushup

Hello! Help me please. How i can getting popup every time, when entityState is DONE?

Adding a custom rich text field to new tab

I am trying to add a custom rich text field ("Technical Specifications") to a new tab in a user story entity. I have successfully added a new tab using the following code but cannot find any examples on how to add a custom rich text field to this tab. Can you provide any examples? tau.mashups .addDependency('tp/userStory/view') .addDependency('tau/configurator') .addMashup(function(view) { view.addTab('Technical', renderContent, renderHeader); });

Mashup issue - IsInPast is overwritten

Hi. I'm making a mashup and noticed a small issue. Each entity item's style ".tau-list-entity_isInPast" seems to be overwritten as an "inline style". So if my mashup is trying to change the color of the above-mentioned CSS class, the inline style applied by the board is overwriting the mashup. Not a priority issue, but thought you would like to know. :) Thanks!

Problems with using ext in mashups

Hi, we use Extjs in mashups. And recently we upgraded Targetprocess version. After that I found that I can't use Ext in mashups and get "Ext is not defined" error. And I suppose it happened because of upgrade. Is it possible (and how) to return back this functionality?

Custom Mashup with jQuery AJAX request to GitHub is failing

In a custom mashup we make a request to GitHub. These requests have recently started failing. The request failes with the following error: Request header field Cache-Control is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response. This appears to be related to the fact that GitHub is setting the following: Access-Control-Allow-Headers:Authorization, Content-Type, If-Match, If-Modified-Since, If-None-Match, If-Unmodified-Since, Accept-Encoding, X-GitHub-OTP, X-Requested-With We believe that the following code is causing the issue. Is there a way to disable the prefilter that sets the `Cache-Control` header? )("~/JavaScript/Mashups/Common/HDRegistration/mashup.config.js"); (function(path) { try { var tau = { mashups: new Mashups() }; tau.mashups.setPlaceholder("RestUI_Board", null, "/JavaScript/Mashups/Common/header_cache_clear/", path); /*~/JavaScript/Mashups/Common/header_cache_clear/header_cache_clear.js*/ $.ajaxPrefilter(function(options, originalOptions, jqXHR) { if (options.url && (options.url.indexOf('viewgallery.tpondemand.net') >= 0 || options.url.indexOf('webident.targetprocess.com') >= 0)) { return; } if (!options.headers) { options.headers = {}; } options.headers['Cache-Control'] = 'max-age=0'; }); } catch (e) { trackFailedMashup(path, e); } }

Manage mashup run order

Hi, I saw the example https://dev.targetprocess.com/v1.0/docs/add-controls-1#section-example-add-submenu-to-the-main-menu In this example submenu items are added in the same mashup, where submenu is created. But I need to add elements in submenu in other mahups. Question: is it possible and how guarantee that other mashups, which add items in submenu run after the mashup that creates the submenu.