Work with data in Releases in Targetprocess with REST API

Get all Releases assigned to a given Project

There are two API end-points actually - Projects and Releases. However we recommend to use Releases one only.

Use the following links:

GET /api/v1/Releases?include=[Name,Projects]
  • to get all Releases.
GET /api/v1/Releases?include=[Name,Projects]&where=(Projects.ID eq 1234)
GET /api/v2/Release/where=(Projects.Count(ID=='1234')>0)
  • to get Releases related to a particular Project with known numeric ID.

Cross-project releases

The known problem with Projects end-point is that when you call

GET /api/v1/Projects/?include=[Name,Releases]

then only single-project releases are always returned.

If a release is cross-project, it will be listed in the Projects/Releases field for the first parent Project of the release only. The release will be hidden in 2nd and all further projects - although a release is assigned to them.

Get Iterations (Sprints) count for each Release

GET /api/v1/Releases/?append=[Iterations-Count]

Get Team Iterations count for each Release

GET /api/v1/Releases/?include=[Id,Name]&append=[TeamIterations-Count]

Create multiple Releases

POST /api/v1/Releases/bulk?token=[your token]
    "Name": "Phase 1",
    "Name": "Phase 2",