Automation Rules Overview

Automation Rules allow to extend Targetprocess functionality. They add the ability to automatically react to a change in Targetprocess or an event in a third party service, execute custom logic, and form a pack of changes that will be made in Targetprocess as a result. The Automation Rules fully replace Webhooks Plugin and preconfigured Custom Rules.

Automation Rules can be triggered on:

  • Update of a Targetprocess entity;
  • Time interval;
  • Incoming Webhook from a third-party service.

Automation Rules can be used to:

  • Create, Update or Delete a Targetprocess entity;
  • Send HTTP request;
  • Execute a JavaScript function.

Popular use cases:

  • Automatically change the state of a card;
  • Create a set of Tasks under a User Story;
  • Inherit field values from parent entity to child entities or vice versa;
  • Set a default description to a newly created card;
  • Post updates to Slack.

The examples of the rules: