Undelete API

Undelete Projects and Users

It is possible to manage deleted Projects and Users via the API.


Manage deleted Projects via the API

Deleted Projects are available by call:

GET /api/deletedItems/v1/projects

The result will be as follows:

  "resourceType": "Project",
  "id": 3,
  "name": "HelpDesk",
  "deleteDate": "\/Date(1492591022000+0300)\/",
  "color": null,
  "process": {
    "resourceType": "Process",
    "id": 1,
    "name": "Kanban TP"
  "lastEditor": {
    "resourceType": "GeneralUser",
    "id": 9571,
    "firstName": "Alla",
    "lastName": "Pogotskaya",
    "email": "[email protected]"

If you need to restore deleted a Project, use the following query. Just replace {id} with the ID of the target Project:

POST /api/deletedItems/v1/projects/{id}/restore

Manage deleted users via API

Similar calls for deleted Users. To get a list, use the following endpoint:

GET /api/deletedItems/v1/users

To restore a User, use:

POST /api/deletedItems/v1/users/{id}/restore

Undelete Projects and Users (v.3.10 and earlier)

It is possible to undelete a project or a user using the following endpoint:

POST /api/v1/Undelete
Content-type: application/json

Two fields should be passed as a parameters within POST request:

entityType: Project or User
id: numeric ID of an entity that is the subject for recovery

Undelete Project:

 "entityType" : "Project",
 "Id": 13

Undelete User:

 "entityType" : "User",
 "Id": 9

Undelete of Native + Extendable Domain Entities (v. 2206.1.0.9518+)

Undelete API is available on URI /api/v1/undelete by method POST and accepts next JSON bodies:

"Id": 8,
"EntityType": "UserStory"

Please note that Administrator's token is required to perform the action.


Moreover, there is bulk API on URI /api/v1/undelete/bulk by method POST and accepts next JSON bodies:

"Id": 8,
"EntityType": "UserStory"
"Id": 2,
"EntityType": "UserStory"

Entities that cannot be undeleted so far include:

  2. Milestones
  3. Group/Program

Undelete of Work Items within UI

Undelete action for work items (User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Features, Epics, Requests, Releases, Sprints etc.) is still not supported for users within UI. However it is possible to restore entities through direct database access and API calls.

Should you require any assistance with recovering entities, please contact our Support Team by email [email protected]. Please attach additional information about the entities you want to restore:

  • type and ID# of entities
  • type of an entity
  • when and by whom were they deleted
  • what project contained them
  • what is the URL address of your Targetprocess account