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How to have default content inside a Rich Text Custom Field?

Posted by Divya Narasimha Rao about a year ago


I would like to have some default content inside a rich text custom field whenever a feature has been created. I have created the custom field (type: rich text). Also, I have added some normal text in the entity template mashup for this feature. But I am unable to get the content inside that custom field.

                           if(entityTypeName == 'feature')
                              var templatefeatureprocess= 
                                '<div class=WordSection1> '<p class=MsoNormal>As a ……. I want ……….., so that ……</p>' + 
                                '<p class=MsoNormal>Further description ….</p>' 

                               //what will be the code to add content inside the rich text field//

                              $description.attr('data-placeholder', '');
                              $description.append('<div>' + templatefeatureprocess + '</div>');

Could you please help me on this.

Thank you,
Divya Narasimha Rao

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