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Create a UserStory when Request has been created

Goodnight, I need to create an automatic rule that allows me to create a user story when a request is created. This user story must be created in the "Default" feature of the project that was selected in the request. The user story must have the title, description, attachments, comments and team registered in the request. Then I need all updates made to the user story to be reflected in the request and vice versa Thank You

Assigned Resources

Hi, Is there a way via api to obtain the details of the assigned users/Teams to a user story?

Splitt comments in UserStorys for new itteration

Good day I would like to find out how to create an automation rule that will: - carry over the existing comments on UserStories to the new Team iterations UserStories when closing an iteration and the UserStories get split.

In a report How to calculate the number of days delayed

In a tabular report I want to have the number of days delayed at epic level based on the Planned End date and actual end date How can i put this logic in the report? - If planned end date is already due and still the actual end date is blank then - the number of delay days = Now() - Planned end date - Also If planned end date is less than the Actual end date then - the number of delay days = Actual end date - Planned date I have used the below mentioned code but it is wrongly calculating when planned end date = actual end date and also when planned end date is already due and still the actual end date is blank the number of days calculated is usually 1 day less ``` CASE WHEN [Planned End Date] < NOW() THEN DATEDIFF( [Planned End Date], NOW(), 'day' ) WHEN [Planned End Date] < [End Date] THEN DATEDIFF( [Planned End Date], [End Date], 'day' ) ```

Can milestone date we accessed programatically

![](https://files.readme.io/579dd08-image.png) Hi, can I access milestone month programmatically, can you suggest how to solve this

Group By TAGS

Hi Am trying to create a custom features report where I will like to GROUP BY specific chosen Tags. So fore.g a feature are currently tagged by different geographies, tech, business units. When I group, I will only like for e.g to do so my geographies in my report. How do I do that , I tried exploring formulas (TagObjects.Select(Name)) however struggling to enable it. Will appreciate if you can help me with specific formula or different approach

Is it possible to add images to Dashboards?

I would like to be able to add Images to Dashboards to share information with users and also make Dashboards more visually appealing.


Is there a way to get a custom report by id via api? https\://**\*\***.tpondemand.com/TpReports/ViewCustomReport.aspx?CustomReportID=34, for example

TP Integration to Jira SAFe Setup Question

What is suggested for the setup of Jira for the Agile Release Trains (ARTs)? Is it 1 ART to 1 Project in Jira or would you recommend 1 Team to 1 Project?

Quick Add field removal when grayed out

can a grayed out field in Quick Add be hidden or removed?