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download attachments

How can I download attachments from a task? Thank

format xml userstoryhistory

Hi, I need to get the result in xml format from : https://iconstruye.tpondemand.com/api/v2/userstoryhistory

how to get total number of requestes created by a particular requester

I have tried URL : /api/v2/requests/?access_token=Token}==&select=name,requesters}&where=Requesters.Login='[email protected]' Error I Recieve: { "Status": "BadRequest", "Message": "Property 'Login' does not exist in 'ResourceCollection`1'.", "Type": "Presentational", "Details": { "Items": [ { "Type": "Simple", "Message": { "Token": "Property '{property}' does not exist in '{type}'.", "Data": { "property": "Login", "type": "ResourceCollection`1" }, "Value": "Property 'Login' does not exist in 'ResourceCollection`1'." } } ] }, "ErrorId": "21d0c57e-a9b1-429f-8617-c2c5fdbb27c4" }

Get UserStory with TeamState (Equipo State)

Hi, I need Get UserStory from Equipo State : Example https://prnt.sc/xTc-CDam4KiZ https://iconstruye.tpondemand.com/api/v1/UserStory?where=("Equipo State" eq "Desarrollo")&take=1000

I need Set value Checkbox in a CustomFields

Hello, I need to enter a True or False value, as appropriate in a CustomFields Checkbox field, Help! Example {"Name":"[AUTO]Semana 55-2022(False)","Project":{"Id":"53"},"UserStory":{"Id":"15025"}, "CustomFields":[{"Name":"Monitoreo","Value":"False"}, {"Name":"Tipo de Soporte","Value":"Error de Integración"}]}

I Get "401 - Unauthorized" when I try to access the REST API with an access token

I am trying to make a GET User Stories request using the endpoint https://{my company}.tpondemand.com/api/v1/UserStories/?access_token={my access token} but I always end up getting a "401-Unauthorized" reponse. I have already set a System User password, as described in this documentation : https://dev.targetprocess.com/docs/authentication

Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'

https://blah.tpondemand.com/api/v2/statusupdate?filter=?KeyResult is not None and Objective.StrategicTheme is not None and Objective.Strategy is not None&select={id,name,krname:KeyResult.name,krid:KeyResult.Id,krcommitted:KeyResultCommitted,krcurrent:KeyResultCurrent,krstatus:KeyResult.CurrentStatus,okr:Objective.Name,okrCorporateStrategy:Objective.Strategy.Name,okrstrategictheme:Objective.StrategicTheme.Name, createdate}&dateformat=iso&take=1000&skip={skip}&access_Token={} we are getting an error since 11/11/22. Looks like some breaking change was released. Errror Message { "Status": "BadRequest", "Message": "Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'.", "Type": "Presentational", "Details": { "Items": [ { "Type": "Simple", "Message": { "Token": "Property '{property}' does not exist in '{type}'.", "Data": { "property": "CurrentStatus", "type": "Assignable" }, "Value": "Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'." } } ] }, "ErrorId": "03351e2e-c6ce-4677-a13b-cac006a97a43" }

Get userstories with Custom Value

Hi, I need to call endpoint "v1/userstories " with CustomFields using where.

Checking for Release is Null in userstories API

I need to check on whether Release is empty (null) in the WHERE clause of a userstories API. I've done some reading and experimentation but haven't found anything that works yet. If it is possible to have this in the WHERE clause, I'd appreciate it if an example could be provided. Thank you.

I have a 500. error

Hi since today we can't used the api tp we have an error ff = f"{{Name:\"{p_name}\",Project:{project},Release:{release},AssignedTeams:[{tea}], Description: \"{text_description}\"}}" We use python 3.9 for information