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Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'

https://blah.tpondemand.com/api/v2/statusupdate?filter=?KeyResult is not None and Objective.StrategicTheme is not None and Objective.Strategy is not None&select={id,name,krname:KeyResult.name,krid:KeyResult.Id,krcommitted:KeyResultCommitted,krcurrent:KeyResultCurrent,krstatus:KeyResult.CurrentStatus,okr:Objective.Name,okrCorporateStrategy:Objective.Strategy.Name,okrstrategictheme:Objective.StrategicTheme.Name, createdate}&dateformat=iso&take=1000&skip={skip}&access_Token={}

we are getting an error since 11/11/22. Looks like some breaking change was released.

Errror Message
"Status": "BadRequest",
"Message": "Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'.",
"Type": "Presentational",
"Details": {
"Items": [
"Type": "Simple",
"Message": {
"Token": "Property '{property}' does not exist in '{type}'.",
"Data": {
"property": "CurrentStatus",
"type": "Assignable"
"Value": "Property 'CurrentStatus' does not exist in 'Assignable'."
"ErrorId": "03351e2e-c6ce-4677-a13b-cac006a97a43"

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