Appends and Calculations

Targetprocess REST API v.1 is quite powerful with its ability to do advanced calculations. In a single API v.1 request you can perform common math operations over fields of entities in nested collections. As a result you get calculated numeric values.


Besides Calculations performed within REST API there are a few other features in Targetprocess that support custom calculations. More information: Custom Calculations and Formula Expressions

The following aggregation functions are supported:

  • Count
  • Sum
  • Avg
  • Min
  • Max

For example, you can retrieve Tasks and Bugs count for User Story:

 <UserStory Id="196" Name="Set Due Date">
 <UserStory Id="192" Name="Make Task Important">


It is not possible to filter entities by appended field within REST API v.1 (e.g. it's not possible to get a lists of User Stories which have more than 2 Tasks)

And here is an example of calculating average effort of all the Bugs for User Story:

 <UserStory Id="196">
 <Bugs-Effort-Avg nil="true"/>
 <UserStory Id="192">


It is not possible to add a condition into appended field within REST API v.1 (e.g. it's not possible to calculate average effort of all open Bugs for User Story)

More examples with different calculations: