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Supported Triggers and Actions


  • New Iteration (triggers when a new Iteration is added)
  • New Request (triggers when a new Request is added)
  • New Team Iteration (triggers when a new Team Iteration is added)
  • New Build (triggers when a new Build is added by user)
  • New Feature (triggers when new Feature is added by user)
  • New Task (triggers when a new Task is added by user)
  • New Release (triggers when a new Release is added)
  • New Comment (triggers when a new Comment is added to some Entity)
  • New Bug (triggers when a new Bug is added)
  • New Time (triggers when a new Time record is added to some Entity by User)
  • New User Story (triggers when a new User Story is added)


  • Create Task (creates a Task, a small chunk of work, typically less than 16 hours. Task must relate to User Story)
  • Create User Story (creates a User Story, a statement of end user requirements in a couple of sentences. User Story can be assigned to Iteration or Release)
  • Create Comment (appends a new Comment to existing Entity)
  • Create Build (creates a Build entity in a project. Bugs and source code Revisions can be assigned to Build)
  • Add Requester To Request (creates new User-Requester and attach her to existing Request)
  • Create Feature (creates a Feature, a high-level requirement which contains User Stories)
  • Create Time (creates a Time record by User for specific Entity)
  • Delete Entity (deletes an Entity, which follows selected criteria)
  • Create Request (creates a Request, which can represent idea, issue or question from users)
  • Create Bug (creates a new Bug (defect, error, flaw, mistake, failure or fault in a computer program. Can relate to User Story. Can be assigned to Release and Iteration)
  • Change State (change state of existing Entity)

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Supported Triggers and Actions

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