CSV Import

CSV Import to Apptio One via ADM (Automated Data Management) and to local CSV file

CSV Import and Export can be found in section Connection>>Integrations. To access this section admin rights are needed.

The basic documentation for both CSV Import and Export can be found here: Targetprocess Guide

To get predefined sets of CSV files and JSON examples please download a file: CSV and JSON examples.zip

Integration users import

In order to import integration users the following code must be added to the JSON mapping:

          tpFieldName: 'IsIntegration',
          csvColumnName: 'IsIntegration',
          skipTpValidation: true


  • Maximum number of relations in import mapping: 10 (9 relations can be assigned to the entity
  • Maximum imported file size: 2MB (e.g. if the xls file contains 5 columns the approximate number of rows is 20k)
  • Rate limits: 240 records (create/update) per minute