Simple history

Simple History API works with the following resources:

ResourceMeta informationEndpoints
User Storylink/api/v1/UserStories/[id]/History
Portfolio Epiclink/api/v1/PortfolioEpics/[id]/History

As you can see from meta information, simple history record has only the following fields:

  • Date of modification
  • Who has made the modification
  • Entity state of this item for that moment
  • Effort of this item for that moment
  • Release of this item for that moment
  • Iteration of this item for that moment
  • Link the the original item (and its current fields)

More fields are available in Full history .

A new Simple History record is generated when Entity Sate, Effort, Release or Iteration field was changed.


By looking at one particular Simple History record it's not possible to determine which exact field was changed. In order to understand what field was changed you have to compare this History record with the older History records of the same Entity or to use full history.

Here is an example of one UserStorySimpleHistory record in XML format.

<UserStorySimpleHistory ResourceType="UserStorySimpleHistory" Id="89">
<Project ResourceType="Project" Id="2" Name="Reporting WebApp"/>
<EntityState ResourceType="EntityState" Id="78" Name="">
<NumericPriority nil="true"/>
<Modifier ResourceType="GeneralUser" Id="2">
<UserStory ResourceType="UserStory" Id="139" Name="Advanced REST API"/>
<Release nil="true"/>
<Iteration nil="true"/>