Limitations of Entity detailed view customization

Not supported functionality



Idea to vote for or to leave a comment

Print view

'Print' option is still available in the menu. However, the card will be printed with the default layout.



The default terms will be automatically translated, all the custom labels can be only specified in one language.


Switching practice on/off

At the moment if you switch a practice off, e.g. Bug Tracking practice, Bug tab will be not automatically removed from Feature detailed view. You have to remove it manually.


"Multiple Targetprocess entities" custom fields

At the moment this type of custom field is not supported at all.


Toggl time tracking tool
If the detailed view is enabled - the toggl tracker will not be displayed.

No public idea

Bugzilla Integration plugin

If the detailed view is enabled - the Bugzilla related info will not be displayed.



If the detailed view is enabled for the entity, keyboard shortcuts will not be working



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A number of mashups need to be migrated in order to work with customized view

Mashup name

Needs to be migrate to

Embedded Pages

embeddedPage component in the template of your customized view

Entity Templates

Automation Rule Entity Templates

Task TestCase Template

taskTestCaseTemplate component in the template of your customized view


Remove corresponding tabs or fields in the template of your customized view. You can also specify conditions for when the fields will be hidden

Your custom mashup

Add a new React component.

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There is no need to migrate those mashups.
They are 100% compatible with customized views.