Use Cases

Here is a short list of cool integrations and features that are possible with Zapier:

  • Zendesk -> Targetprocess: every time a new ticket is created in Zendesk, a new request is added in Targetprocess.
  • Github Issues-> Targetprocess: a bug or request is created when a new github issue is added.
  • Targetprocess -> Gmail or SMTP: send an email for specific actions and conditions (yes, it’s your custom way to manage email notifications).
  • Google Doc -> Targetprocess: a user story created when a new row is added to the spreadsheet (an alternative way to import and export, by the way).
  • Twitter -> Targetprocess: a request is created for the tweets to your support account
  • Disqus -> Targetprocess: never miss a new comment posted to your website or blog (we use it for our guides).
  • Slack -> Targetprocess: create new items from Slack messages (step-by-step guide)
  • Toggle -> Targetprocess: post time to Targetprocess using Toggle timer button (step-by-step guide)
  • Targetprocess -> Gmail: send emails about state change (step-by-step guide)