Context is a special type of resource. It contains information about logged user, culture (date, time and number format), selected projects and processes.

You can also use to context to retrieve information about Process details of an entity, as an alternative of requesting Processes collection. For example, to get context for the entity with id = 1424 you should send the following request:

<Context Acid="5183C75C9C20036C59F25256D20BCE95">
  <LoggedUser Id="316">
    <Email>[email protected]</Email>
  <Culture Name="en-US" TimePattern="g:i A" ShortDateFormat="M/d/yyyy" LongDateFormat="dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy" DecimalSeparator="." />
    <ProjectInfo Id="375" Name="Targetprocess">
      <Process Id="1" Name="All Practices" />
      <Program nil="true" />
    <ProcessInfo Id="1" Name="All Practices">
        <Term Name="Features">
        <Term Name="Feature Big Icon Text">
        <Term Name="Feature Small Icon Text">
        <Practice Name="Planning">
        <Practice Name="Time Tracking">
        <Practice Name="Bug Tracking" />
        <Practice Name="Requirements" />
        <Practice Name="Test Cases" />
        <Practice Name="Source Control" />
        <Practice Name="Help Desk" />
        <Practice Name="Iterations" />
        <CustomFieldInfo Name="Custom description">
Default context (Context without parameters)

Returns context for all the Projectaavailable to authenticated user.
Context for specific Entities

Returns context for Projects that contain Entities with IDs 1 and 88. Context contains projects that you have access to.
Context for specific Projects

Returns context for Projects 123 and 456.
Context contains Projects that you have access to.
Context for specific Projects and Teams

Returns context for Projects 123 and 456 and Teams 23 and 45.
Context contains Projects and Teams that you have access to.
Context for ACID

Returns context for specific ACID.


Context does not support partial get.