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Examples: Integration with Slack

Examples: Integration with Slack

When a new Request is created in Targetprocess → send message to Slack
Send personal Slack notifications about assignments
Send comments to Slack
Send mentions to Slack directly
Send overdue features to Slack
Send stuck stories to Slack

How to set up SlackID custom field

  1. Create a text custom field for Users
  2. Copy member ID from Slack's user profile
  3. Put member ID to SlackID custom field in Targepprocess

How to generate Webhook URL in Slack

First of all, we need to add new Incoming Webhook integration in Main menu > Apps & integrations > Build > Make a Custom Integration in Slack:

Choose the channel and click "Add Incoming WebHooks Integration":

Copy generated Webhook URL:

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Examples: Integration with Slack

Examples: Integration with Slack

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