Do not allow editing an Epic once it has reached its final state

When Epic is Updated
Changed fields:
Filter: EntityState.IsFinal == true


Do not allow editing Epics not created by a specific user in the Test project

When Epic is Updated
Changed fields:
Filter: != 145124 and Project.Name == 'Test'


Do not allow of PlannedEndDate of Bugs in Release 4214

When Bug is Updated
Changed fields: PlannedEndDate
Filter: Release.ID == 4124


Allow only the Creator, Admin and Assigned user to be able to assign people to a role within an entity

WHEN Assignment is Created

($Author.Id==GeneralUser.Id or Assignable.Assignments.Count(GeneralUser.Id ==$Author.Id)==0) and $Author.IsAdmin!=true and $Author.Id!=Assignable.Creator.Id

Do not allow change EntityState to Done if TimeSpent=0 (for Task)

When Task is Updated
Changed fields: EntityState
THEN do not allow any changes if:
EntityState.Name='Done' and TimeSpent=0