Converted Entities

In Targetprocess you have the possibility to convert an entity into another type, without losing any of its contents. For instance you can convert Bugs to User Stories or Features, or vice versa. There is a REST API endpoint that contains details about conversion actions. It is available here:



Conversion actions are tracked starting from August 2016

The feature has been added in Targetprocess release v3.9.2. It is possible to retrieve details on conversion actions that happened after the release, but not before it.

Say you have entity with ID #5678 which was converted from other entity. Now you can query API and retrieve details about origin entity:

GET /api/v1/GeneralConversions?where=ActualGeneral.ID eq 5678

Or you know you had an entity with ID #1234 and now it has been converted to an item with other ID. Here is how you retrieve new ID of an entity:

GET /api/v1/GeneralConversions?where=FromGeneralID eq 1234

In both cases you get the output with the same format:

	"Items": [
			"ResourceType": "GeneralConversion",
			"Id": 123,
			"FromGeneralID": 1234,
			"FromGeneralType": {
				"ResourceType": "EntityType",
				"Id": 4,
				"Name": "UserStory"
			"ActualGeneral": {
				"ResourceType": "General",
				"Id": 5678,
				"Name": "Search should find converted entities by old IDs"
  <GeneralConversion ResourceType="GeneralConversion" Id="123">
    <FromGeneralType ResourceType="EntityType" Id="4" Name="UserStory"/>
    <ActualGeneral ResourceType="General" Id="5678" Name="Search should find converted entities by old IDs"/>