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Install code of a mashup manually

To install the code of an existing Mashup, you need to:

  1. As Administrator, open Targetprocess Settings > Mashups page.
  2. Press 'Add New Mashup' button
  3. Input placeholder - a place in the Targetprocess UI where your script will be injected and rendered
  4. Input source code - the executable body of your mashup
  5. Save the mashup
  6. Refresh the page in your web browser with Ctrl+R / Cmd+R.

When a Mashup is saved it is activated for all users in your Targetprocess account. If users have Targetprocess open in their web browser at the moment of saving, then they must refresh the tab manually so that recent changes can be applied to them.


Use default Placeholder when you have no idea which one should be used

A multipurpose placeholder named footerplaceholder is present in all pages and views. Use it whenever needed. A detailed description of placeholders is available here.

Updated 4 years ago

Install code of a mashup manually

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