Email notifications in Targetprocess are flexible and can be customized. It is possible to modify templates for notifications configured in Process Workflow settings and for some predefined system events as well. Templates that can be modified include:



User Added

Sent when a user account is added to Targetprocess.

Attachment Created

Sent when an attachment is added to a particular entity.

Comment Created

Sent when a comment is added to an entity.

Entity Assigned

Sent when a user is assigned to a particular entity.

Entity Converted

Sent when an entity’s type has been changed through conversion.

Entity Created

Sent when an entity is added.

Entity State Changed

Sent when an entity changes state.

Forgot Password

Sent when a user requests a password reset from the login form.

Auto Reply to Requesters

Sent to requesters when their email requests are accepted. More details: How to setup auto reply to requesters.

Service Desk Password Changed

Sent when a user is registered to service desk and to Activate account or Update password.

View Access Notification

Sent to user with whom the view has been shared to.

Mention Created

Sent when a user is been mentioned in a comment.

User Restored

Sent to the user when he/she has been restored back.

More information on different kinds of email notifications can be found here: Notifications

Find how to access templates editor pages here: How to change an email notification template.