Work with personal Assignments in Targetprocess with REST API

Retrieve Assigned Users for Entity

Let's have a look at a sample User Story. Assignments area is shown in the right column.

The following query allows to retrieve all users assigned to a user story, including their names and roles:

GET /api/v1/UserStories/1234?include=[Assignments[GeneralUser,Role]]

Set Assignments to an Entity

Post Role and Userreferences to Assignments section.

POST /api/v1/UserStories/
Content-Type: application/json

  "Id": 1234,
  "Assignments":{"Items": [

An alternative way to create an Assignment is to make a POST to Assignments collection. In addition to Role and User, reference an Assignable.

POST /api/v1/Assignments/
Content-Type: application/json


Delete Assignment from an Entity

To unassign a User from an Entity, find the Id of the Assignment.

GET /api/v1/assignments?where=(Assignable.Id eq 1234)

Send a DELETE request to unassign a User.

DELETE /api/v1/assignments/2926

To unassign several users, send POST request with X-HTTP-Method-Override: DELETE.

POST /api/v1/assignments/bulk
X-HTTP-Method-Override: DELETE
Content-Type: application/json