Modify Description of work items

Built-in Description field and Rich Text custom fields contain text with special formatting. Default format is HTML. Markdown formatting can be activated as system setting.

Escape double quotes in payloads when you post data to Targetprocess API. Replace " with \".

Name: "{{Name | Replace: '"', '\"' }}"
Description: "{{Description | Replace: '"', '\"' }}"

Set a default description for newly created User Stories


Please consider using the following Automation Rule instead of this webhook.

Process items with empty descriptions only. Apply special filter for this purpose. Otherwise description will be rewritten by the webhook always, even when a work item is created as result of "Copy" or "Convert" action.

https://your-targetprocess-address/api/v1/userstories?token=[your token]
Create User Story
Name.Contains("Set up a new server") and Description == null
  "Id": {{ID}},
  "Description": "<ol><li>Order a server at IT helpdesk</li><li>Deploy the applications</li></ol>"
  "Id": {{ID}},
  "Description": "<!--markdown-->1. Order a server at IT helpdesk 
2. Deploy the applications"