Create Relations

The webhooks do not remove existing relations. New relations are added. Existing relations are always preserved.

The following IDs can be used for different kinds of Relations:

  • Id:1 Dependency
  • Id:2 Blocker
  • Id:3 Relation
  • Id:4 Link
  • Id:5 Duplicate

Create Relation when Request is created


Please consider using the following Automation Rule instead of this webhook.

The webhook creates relations between new Requests and related work items in Targetprocess.


  1. In Targetprocess create a project "My Project".
  2. In the project create one or more target work items. Say you created a Feature named "Feedback" and the system assigned ID #1234 to it.

When a user creates new Request of type 'Issue' with 'Feedback' keyword in the name, the webhook template creates a "Dependency" relation from the request to the entity with ID #1234.

https://your-targetprocess-address/api/v1/Relations?token=[your token]
Create Request
ProjectName == "My Project" and RequestTypeName == "Issue" and Name.Contains("Feedback")
  "Master": {"Id": {{ID}}},
  "Slave": {"Id": 1234},
  "RelationType": {"Id": 1}