Assign Requesters

Prerequisites: IDs of Requesters

Some of these examples contain IDs of the Requesters as parameters. When you modify assignments of Requesters you have to pass proper numeric ID of a chosen requester in your POST calls. IDs can be obtained from the Requesters views or from the system directly.


Get IDs of Requesters

Use special GET call to API to obtain numeric IDs of Requesters from your system.

/api/v1/Requesters?include=[Id,FirstName,LastName,Email]&where=LastName contains "Smith"```

Assign a default requester to newly created Requests


Please consider using the following Automation Rule instead of this webhook.

https://your-targetprocess-address/api/v1/requests?token=[your token]
Create Request
//don't use any filter if you'd like it to work for all the requests

OwnerId == 1
  "Id": {{ID}},
  "Requesters": {
    "GeneralUser": {"Id": 31}
  "Id": {{ID}},
    {"Id": 31},
    {"Id": 38}

The requester with numeric ID=31 is added to the list of already existing requesters.

To connect requesters and requests together you'll need to know IDs of Requesters. To retrieve ID number of a Requester with known email address, run the query below:

GET https://your-targetprocess-address/api/v1/requesters?where=Email eq '[email protected]'&format=json&include=[Id,Email,DeleteDate]

Select the record with empty (null) Delete Date field.